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VIVANTE long-term care insurance

With VIVANTE long-term care insurance, you will remain financially independent even after a serious accident or illness. It gives you a daily allowance of an amount of your own choice for as long as you require care. You can use this money to pay for household help or child care, to cover uncovered costs in a care home or to compensate for a loss of salary – either your own or your partner's if they are caring for you.

Summary of benefits:

  • You receive a selectable allowance for every day on which you require care.
  • You are entirely free to use the money as you see fit (without any obligation to show how you have spent it).
  • The daily allowance is guaranteed regardless of any other insurance cover you may have.
  • You can choose between 6 different amounts ranging from CHF 40 to CHF 180 per day.
  • Thanks to its modular structure, you can adjust the cover at any time to suit your personal circumstances.
  • The earlier you take out the cover, the less expensive the premium will be. And the premium you pay remains the same throughout the entire term of the insurance (entry-age premium).

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