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Supplementary insurance

Family discount and children’s starting discount

At Helsana, families can take advantage of attractive family discounts on supplementary insurance.

Who gets a family discount?

Everyone who lives in the same household and is insured under the same contract (family policy) as the person paying the premium receives the family discount.

What family discounts are there?

You get the following family discounts on supplementary insurance from the Helsana Group:

  • 5% discount if there are two people in the same household
  • 10% discount if there are three or more people in the same household
  • For the Helsana Advocare PLUS and Helsana Advocare EXTRA legal expenses insurance policy, you get a discount of 25% if two or more people in the same household are insured under the policy.
  • We regret that we are unable to grant a family discount for the PREVEA capital insurance policy.

Children’s starting discount

If you meet the following criteria as a new client of the Helsana Group (Helsana or Progrès), you get a 50% premium discount on supplementary insurance in the first year:

  • You are under the age of 18 when you take out the policy.
  • You take out basic insurance with us at the same time or have taken it out not more than a year previously.
  • Your previous health insurer for compulsory basic insurance is not a member of the Helsana Group.
  • At least one adult member of your household has basic insurance in a shared family policy.

After the end of the first year of insurance, the full supplementary insurance premium becomes payable, so the premium statement you'll receive from us for the following year will be for a higher amount.

We have put together a special insurance policy for babies. You can find all information about the baby package here.

Combining contracts

If other people in the same household as the person paying the premium are insured under the same contract, this significantly reduces the administrative effort required. The family discount enables us to pass on this cost saving directly to the people concerned.

Would you like to combine the insurance contracts of several people living in the same household into one collective family contract or would you like to add additional members of the household to an existing family contract?

If so, please send the corresponding form to the relevant Client Services department:

- Contract combination (PDF, 37KB)

Please note the following when doing so:

  • The retroactive combining of contracts is not possible. Please thus provide a date in the future as the point in time at which you want the contracts to be combined.
  • State the name of a person covered under the family contract to act as our single contact person (this person will be appointed as the «family head»). Helsana addresses all correspondence to the «family head».
  • We require the signatures of all of the adults listed on the form