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Supplementary insurance

Exclusion of accident cover

If you are already very well covered through your employer's accident insurance or private accident insurance, you can exclude accident cover from supplementary insurance. This reduces your premium by 7%.

The accident cover in our supplementary insurance complements certain benefits that are not covered, or are only insufficiently covered, by your employer's compulsory accident insurance (or compulsory basic insurance if you are employed by an employer for fewer than eight hours a week).

That means you can exclude the accident cover from voluntary supplementary insurance if you have equivalent private accident insurance or are well covered by your employer's accident insurance – for example, for a private or semi-private ward instead of the compulsory general ward in the hospital. This reduces the premium for your supplementary insurance by 7%.

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If you are not sure which benefits your accident insurance covers, please contact your employer to ask before excluding accident cover from your supplementary insurance.