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Payment options

Helsana offers three options for paying your invoices. Choose the one that suits you best.

Alongside the various payment options, you also have the choice between different payment frequencies. Depending on the frequency you choose, you may be entitled to a discount. This is because if you pay your insurance premium in advance once a year or every six months, it reduces our processing costs. We pass this cost saving directly on to you.

Direct debit

Do you have a bank or post office account? Then you can pay your premiums simply and conveniently using direct debit (LSV at banks, or Swiss Direct Debit (CH-DD) at post offices).

When you activate this payment option, you authorise your bank or the post office to debit your account automatically to settle your invoice. This means you no longer have to worry about paying your premium on time.

How it works

  • Complete the form (PDF, 53KB) for payment authorisation.
  • For payment via LSV, send it directly to your bank; for payment via Swiss Direct Debit (PostFinance), send it directly to Helsana Insurance Company Ltd.


  • Only the family member who actually pays the premiums has to fill out the form (one form per family).
  • Keep paying your premium invoices as usual until you stop receiving payment slips from us. This means the LSV or direct debit has been activated for your account.


With eBill, you pay your premium and benefit invoices online with your Swiss bank or with PostFinance. The advantage of this is you are always in control of the payments you make, and you can print out your premium and benefit invoices for your records.

How it works

  1. To take advantage of this payment option, please first ask your bank or PostFinance to activate the "eBill" function for Helsana.
  2. Then, click on the "eBill" menu item in your eBill portal.
  3. Now select "Helsana" from the list of invoicing parties and follow the instructions.
  4. From that point onwards, you will receive your premium and benefit invoices online. Payment approval takes just one mouse click.


  • To sign up, you will need to have your date of birth, insurance number and e-mail address to hand.

Payment slip

You can also pay your invoices using the payment slips we send you by mail – either at the post office counter or conveniently online via e-banking.

How it works

When paying via e-banking, enter the reference number and the amount of the premium online, then execute the payment.

  • At the post office counter, you can settle the invoice in cash using the original payment slip.

Please note that the post office charges a fee for paying over the counter. Every year, the Helsana Group pays millions of francs for this. Help us keep administrative costs as low as possible. This will have a positive impact overall – not least on premiums.

We advise against setting up a standing order. If you choose this payment option, you run the risk that the reference number will not match up with the invoice since every invoice has its own unique reference number.

Do you have any questions about the available payment options?

We will be happy to advise you online or in person at your local sales office.​