Direct debit (LSV / CH-DD)

If you're a bank customer, you can pay your invoices via the direct debit procedure (LSV), or as a PostFinance customer, using Swiss direct debit (CH-DD). In this way, the invoice amount is debited directly from your account.

How it works

  1. Complete the form for payment authorisation.
  2. For the direct debit procedure (LSV), please send the completed form directly to your bank. For payment via direct debit with PostFinance, return the form to Helsana Insurance Company Ltd.

Looking for an alternative to direct debit?

Then opt for eBill. Unlike paper-intensive direct debit, eBill is quick and easy to set up. Plus, eBill comes with a standing approval option so your invoices practically pay themselves. Interested? 

Good to know

  • Only one form needs to be completed per family. 
  • The switchover to direct debit / CH-DD can take several weeks. If you no longer receive payment slips, the direct debit procedure is activated.
  • Premiums are always debited on the first Monday of the month.
  • Receivables resulting from benefit statements are debited on the Monday following the due date.
  • You can revoke all payments in writing within 30 days.

Complete the form online

You can complete the form for payment authorisation via your myHelsana account or using your insurance number.

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