With online banking, you can receive and pay your invoices conveniently, securely and without the need for paper. Your bank's eBill portal allows you to view, check and approve invoices at the click of a mouse.

How it works

  1. Sign in to your e-banking/e-finance application.
  2. Select "eBill" from the menu.
  3. Activate the eBill function.
  4. Select "Helsana Insurance Company Ltd" from the list of invoicing parties. Follow the instructions.
  5. You will automatically receive the next invoice in PDF format via your online banking system. 


Good to know

  • We recommend that you activate e-mail notification. That way, you will be informed as soon as an eBill arrives.
  • In the eBill portal, you can set up automatic permanent approval up to a certain amount so you do not have to manually approve each invoice.

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