QR invoice

Settle your QR invoices easily via online banking (on your computer or via your e-banking app), over-the-counter at the post office or via payment order.

How it works


Enter the invoice amount and the corresponding reference number into your e-banking client. Alternatively, you can save yourself the effort of entering the account and reference number by using your financial institution’s smartphone app.

  • Scan

    Just scan your QR invoice with your mobile.

Get your invoices via your myHelsana portal? If so, you have the following additional options:

  • Share

    Share the PDF invoice straight to your e-banking app.
  • Upload

    Upload the PDF invoice straight to your e-banking app.

Please avoid setting up standing orders and payment templates, as each invoice will have a different reference number.

Post office (over-the-counter)

You can pay in cash over-the-counter at the post office using the original payment slip.

Post office counter fees will be charged when you make payments relating to basic insurance.

Payments from abroad

The QR invoice is designed exclusively for payments in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. For international payments, you will find the necessary information on the QR invoice. Please note the reference number as a message.

Bank/postal payment order

You can deliver your invoices to your financial institution by post with a payment order. There may be a charge for this service, depending on your financial institution.

Post office counter fees

Please note:

if you pay your invoices over-the-counter at the post office, you will pay a fee. The amount of this fee depends on the invoice amount (affects basic insurance benefits and premiums):

Invoice amount in CHF

Fee in CHF per QR invoice

0.05 to 50.- 


50.05 to 100.-


100.05 to 1’000.-


1’000.05 to 10'000.-


10'000.05 to 20'000.-


each additional 10'000.-


Overview of post office counter fees

If Helsana as the payee were not to pass these fees on, this would add around CHF 7 million per year to the premiums of all insured persons. This means that after you make a payment at the post office counter, the fee will appear on your next premium or benefit statement. You should therefore opt for a free payment method (direct debiteBill, online banking, possibly payment order).

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