Services for those with supplementary insurance

Rooming-in: overnight stays for family members

If you are privately or semi-privately insured with the Helsana Group, you have an exclusive rooming-in benefit at the Zihlschlacht Rehab Clinic and the Valens Clinic.

Rooming-in: near your loved ones

Rooming-in at the Zihlschlacht Rehab Clinic and the Valens Clinic allows family members to stay overnight with their spouse, partner or child of any age, free of charge. This way the patient knows that someone they trust will always be right nearby. An exemplary level of cooperation with the clinics is what makes this feature available to you. The type of overnight stay depends on availability.

You can find out more about our exclusive advantages in these brochures:
Canton Brochure of the clinic
St. Gallen Klinik Valens (PDF, 326KB) (German)
Thurgau Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht AG (PDF, 248KB) (German)