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Which insurance you need depends on whether you are self-employed, employ others, or are yourself employed by your (public or private) company. If you are self-employed, you enjoy plenty of freedom. However, if you work for a public or private company or employ other people yourself, you need to meet certain statutory obligations.


We'll analyse your situation and your needs and sit down with you to work out the best possible solution together.

Benefits for your company

Financial security

As a self-employed person or a small startup, a serious illness or accident will be particularly devastating for you because your business is likely to come to a standstill. There's nobody there to take over the work you're meant to be doing, while your fixed costs remain the same and your clients soon start getting impatient. The insurance we offer can at least make the financial consequences of an accident or serious illness much easier to bear.

Made-to-measure benefits

Not only do we take care of your obligations under the law, but we also put together a personalised package designed for your family and financial circumstances.

Personal and fast

Our experience and expertise means that you benefit from efficient processing and all-round advice. We treat every case as individual and give you personal support in every situation.

Additional benefits for your startup

(Businesses that are less than one year old)

Helping you get started

You'll get a 25% discount on premiums in the first three years. During that time, your premium will remain unchanged.

Full cover

If a claim is made in the first three years, we'll pay the full wages of management as agreed, without asking for evidence of income.

Exclusive pension and insurance package

With “Swiss Life Business Direct”, startups get a comprehensive pension solution. Together with our cooperation partner, Swiss Life, we can offer you occupational pensions, compulsory accident insurance and collective daily sickness benefits in one package. You can quickly and easily take out the product online. Find out more:  

Swiss Life Business Direct

Your insurance obligations

Companies with employees




The law says that you have to insure all your employees against accidents.

If an employee is ill, you're obliged to keep on paying their wages for a limited period of time. This is something you can insure yourself against. 


The insurance cover required by law is extensive, but there are limits on certain aspects of it. Tailor-made, modular additional insurance solutions enable you to offer your employees even better protection.

Take out daily sickness benefits insurance, and you're no longer bearing the financial risk of continuing wages payments yourself.

Self-employed people without employees

As a self-employed person without employees you need to get accidents included in your private healthcare insurance to be sure of medical and hospital expenses being covered in the event of an accident, too. Apart from that, you're free to choose the insurance solutions that are right for you. That way, you can voluntarily cover yourself against lost income and the consequences of being unable to work.

Our offer: companies with employees

We advise companies to take out not just accident insurance (which they have to do), but daily sickness benefits insurance too. This combination gives your company and its workers all-round protection against the financial fallout that can result from illness or accident.


Taking out daily sickness benefits insurance is voluntary. You are, however, obliged to carry on paying the wages of any employees who have fallen ill or are pregnant. How long this obligation lasts depends on seniority and region. Helsana Business Salary daily sickness allowance insurance takes over from you the obligation to continue paying wages up to the point where social insurance starts paying out. That means your employees are better off, while you, the employer, benefit from the calculability of the costs involved.

Find out more about Daily sickness benefits insurance


Insurance obligations and options in the event of an accident

Compulsory accident insurance (UVG) gives you and your employees a legally required minimum of protection against the financial consequences of an accident or occupational illness. The benefits cover the treatment of those affected as an outpatient or as an inpatient in a general ward in hospital. The insurance also starts paying 80% of their salary starting on the third day after the accident. The maximum salary that can be insured is CHF 148,200. And over the long term, the insurance also covers pensions amounting to 80% of an employee’s insured salary.

Supplementary accident insurance

By taking out supplementary accident insurance, you can give any employees who have fallen ill or had an accident more support than the law requires – not only by continuing to pay them their full salary, but also by enabling them to be treated in a semi-private or private hospital ward or arranging for the paying out of lump sums in the event of disability or death. The choice of benefits is entirely yours, and you can also combine them as you wish.

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Our offer: self-employed people without employees


As a self-employed person without employees, you can opt to take out daily sickness benefits insurance. This policy will insure you against loss of income for a maximum of two years. The amount paid depends on the percentage you agree with the insurer.

Good to know: Taking out occupational pension insurance (pillar 2 BVG  or pillar 3 private pension) gives you extra cover in case you become unable to work.

Find out more about Daily sickness benefits insurance


As a self-employed person you do not have to take out accident insurance. You are only legally obliged to insure yourself against the consequences of an accident in your private, compulsory healthcare insurance. This covers benefits at the level of medical expenses.

If you have daily sickness benefits insurance, you can also choose to add accident coverage. This lets you protect yourself against the financial consequences of an accident.

You can also take out voluntary accident insurance, which will provide you with the same amount of benefits as compulsory accident insurance. Doctor and hospital costs, loss of income and the consequences of being unable to work are all covered. Of course, you can also add supplementary accident cover to your insurance policy. You can find more information about additional benefits at the following link:

Find out more about Accident insurance

Good to know: toolkit for your healthy company

As a small company, you remain close to your employees and flexible in your actions. You can help create a healthy work environment in a variety of ways. This is a good place to start because workplace health promotion has a lot of advantages. You can find out exactly what this means in the Helsana Toolkit. It includes tips and resources for occupational health that companies can use themselves.

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