Find your own personal balance with Pilates

Sport gives a sense of balance by relieving stress. Pilates is one training method that improves your full body strength and balances your entire body. It is suitable for people of all ages.

People who want to relieve themselves of stress and promote a sense of inner balance should exercise on a regular basis. This is because exercise releases hormones that neutralise stress hormones. It doesn't matter which sport you choose to get involved in; it's more important that the sport is fun for you.

Pilates is suitable for people of all ages

Pilates is very effective and suitable for people of all ages. Film stars and singers have been making this sport popular for some years now. Now, everyone practices Pilates – young people, old people, men and women.

The biggest plus point to Pilates is that it provides a full-body workout. Regular exercises on the floor and on equipment increase the strength of your whole body – particularly the deeper core muscles that are left unaffected by other types of sport – and improve posture. The exercises focus particularly on the back, stomach and pelvic floor muscles. Pilates is practised either on the floor or on special equipment, as well as through stretching, strength exercises and conscious breathing.

This is not a new sport. Joseph Hubertus Pilates, a German, devised this method of exercise at the start of the 20th century. His objective was to combine and train the body and mind as one.

Our services for a balanced life

Your well-being matters to us, which is why we'd like to show our commitment to your good health by making a contribution: SANA and COMPLETA supplementary insurance policies each pay a 75% contribution of up to CHF 200 per calendar year to recognised Pilates courses as well as to other recognised fitness, physical training and health courses. Find out more at www.helsana.ch/sana or at www.helsana.ch/completa.


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