Do I have diabetes? Spot the symptoms

It is not easy to be sure that you have diabetes. The symptoms of diabetes can also be caused by other factors. However, if you are constantly thirsty, keep needing to go to the toilet and feel unusually sluggish, it could be diabetes. Bad breath is another common symptom of unhealthy blood glucose levels.

Anzeichen von Diabetes

Typical signs of diabetes are a burning thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, weight loss and weakness. These diabetes symptoms develop gradually and often largely unnoticed. If you notice that you have these diabetes symptoms, it is high time to take action.

There is quite a lot you can do to prevent diabetes and to improve your blood glucose levels if you have type 2 diabetes. Diabetes symptoms are particularly likely if a person is overweight, has an excessive waist circumference and fails to get enough exercise. Diabetes symptoms should be taken particularly seriously if there is a history of diabetes in the family.

Measuring and monitoring blood glucose levels

If you notice that you have signs of diabetes, are over 45, are overweight and lead a sedentary lifestyle, you should have your blood glucose level measured regularly. Your GP or pharmacist can do this for you. The medical professional you consult will also be able to tell you how often you should measure your blood glucose level.

Reviewing your lifestyle

If you have symptoms of diabetes, it is recommended that you review your lifestyle. Do you really have a healthy diet? Do you get enough exercise? Eating a healthy diet and getting physical exercise is an important step towards improving your blood glucose levels. Eat carbohydrates in moderation, drink a lot of water or unsweetened tea and go easy on sugary foods.


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