Enjoy fresh mountain air on the trails

Sport and relaxation go hand in hand on these Helsana trails. They take you past idyllic mountain lakes, streams and plenty of viewpoints. You can jog, hike, and recharge your batteries.

22.06.2022 Daniela Schori 3 minutes

The signposted circular Helsana trails are available all over Switzerland, both in the lowlands and in the mountains. They are a great way to explore new areas. All you have to do is follow the signs and you’ll eventually end up back at your starting point, meaning you can concentrate on your surroundings and doing exercise.

A trip to the mountains isn’t just great for hiking – the Helsana trails are also suitable for runners. Running in the mountains requires some prior preparation and a good level of fitness.

Doing exercise at altitude is more challenging because the air is thinner. Your body has to first get used to it, so it’s normal if your pulse increases more quickly. You should therefore choose a route that is suitable for your level of fitness in terms of altitude and distance. It’s not about your performance, but rather your well-being and having fun in the mountains.

Tips for jogging in the mountains

Four tips for jogging and hiking excursions

Helsana trail in Arosa (GR)

The Helsana trail in Arosa offers four signposted circular routes. The shortest route of 2.6 kilometres and a 51-metre elevation gain is also suitable for less-experienced runners. Those looking for a challenge can opt for one of the three routes between seven and ten kilometres that lead towards Prätsch or via the midway station of the Weisshornbahn cable car. These are also suitable for walking, Nordic walking or hiking.

Helsana trail in Alt St. Johann (SG)

The trail around and above Alt St. Johann in the Toggenburg region offers no less than five routes. They can be easily combined, supplemented with a visit to the «sound trail» or shortened with a ride on the chairlift to Alp Sellamat and the Iltios funicular.

Helsana trail in Davos (GR)

The three Helsana trails in Davos are located below the Jakobshorn. The starting point for all three is the base station of the Jakobshornbahn cable car, Davos Platz. There are suitable routes for all levels and disciplines, whether jogging, walking or hiking.

Helsana trail in Flims (GR)

The three trails in Flims offer multiple hot spots, including Lake Cauma and the Il Spir observation deck with views of the Rhine Gorge. If you fancy a swim, choose the green trail stretching five kilometres, while those in search of panoramic views should opt for the yellow route (ten kilometres, can be shortened). Don’t miss the fork in the direction of Conn/Il Spir.

Move. Earn points. Benefit.

Helsana+ rewards your dedication, whether you’re jogging, walking or hiking. Simply download the Helsana+ app, connect your tracker watch or smartphone and start collecting points. Your activity will earn you valuable Plus points that you can convert into cash, vouchers or donations. You can collect over CHF 300 per year.

Other trails for hiking, jogging and walking

Are Arosa, Flims and Alt St. Johann too far away for you? Discover more than 360 other Helsana trails in over 120 locations in Switzerland. At each location, you can find three to five circular routes of various distances. Most have exciting activities and sights on or near the route, which you can combine with your exercise.

Helsana trails are available around the clock, from spring through to autumn. Most of the routes are also accessible in winter. Have fun recharging your batteries in the great outdoors!

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