myHelsana app – the digital folder for your health insurance

Are you often on the go? You can stay flexible with the myHelsana app. You decide when and where to handle matters relating to your health insurance – simply and conveniently.

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Enjoy all the benefits

  • Overview of documents and deductibles

    You can view all your benefit statements, find out your current deductible and excess status and access your outstanding invoices at any time.
  • Secure, encrypted communication

    Your access to myHelsana and your data are protected by organisational and technical measures, and communication is encrypted.
  • Scanning function for uploading invoices

    The scan tool in the myHelsana app offers a convenient option for submitting your documents. Simply photograph the document with your smartphone and send it directly via the app.
  • You always have your insurance card with you

    For visits to the doctor, the pharmacy or for holidays abroad – with the myHelsana app, you always have your insurance card on hand. And if you’re the family contact person, you’ll have the whole family’s cards to hand, too.
  • Digital medical advice services

    In addition to medical advice by phone from our partner Medi24, you can also access myMedi24’s symptom checker via myHelsana, among other things. It’s especially practical during the night and on weekends: the services are available 24/7, for free.
  • Apply for payment in instalments or a reminder cessation

    Do you need more time to make a payment? In the “Payments” menu, you can find all outstanding invoices and conveniently request payment in instalments or a reminder cessation.

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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions about the myHelsana app. General questions about the client portal are listed on the myHelsana page.


myHelsana is the Helsana Group's web portal for clients, which allows you to review and manage your personal data yourself. In addition, we upload important documents such as insurance policies and premium statements to myHelsana so that you can access them at any time.

The main benefits of myHelsana can be summarised as follows:

  • It is a protected online communication channel; less risk compared with e-mails.
  • A well-structured document archive provides clarity and helps protect the environment (less paper).
  • Less time spent waiting for documents to arrive by post.
  • myHelsana is upgraded all the time to provide you with even more options.

With the free myHelsana app, you as a Helsana customer can take your documents with you wherever you go and always have an overview of your documents and invoices. You can process all insurance matters digitally and access your insurance details 24/7.

Yes. The scanning tool is integrated into the myHelsana app. It’s quick and easy to send your invoices or reimbursement vouchers via the app. As a Helsana customer, you have access to all the app functions once you have successfully registered. Not a Helsana customer and scanning invoices on behalf of someone else? You can register in the myHelsana app as a “guest”. It’s easy to scan and submit invoices using this mode of access. 

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