We depend on medications in various situations. They supplement therapy, help the healing process along and make your everyday life easier.

The law specifies which medications we can reimburse you for under basic insurance. With supplementary insurance, you expand your choices. It gives you the ability to close existing gaps and enjoy greater freedom of choice.

Benefit from mail-order pharmacies and choose a lower-priced generic when possible. By doing that, you help make a positive impact on health care costs.

What's worth knowing about drugs/medications?

Enjoy the benefits of a mail-order pharmacy

In Switzerland, patients can obtain medically prescribed drugs discreetly and inexpensively from mail-order pharmacies. This is convenient and saves time and money.

Topic of generics

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Generics are medications that are similar to medications that have been established for years. They contain the same active ingredient as the established original medication and are marketed in the same format, e.g. as tablets or suppositories, and have the same effect. The only difference is that generics can be significantly less expensive than the original.

When you buy generics instead of the expensive original preparation from the list of medications with an increased deductible list of medications with an increased deductible (PDF, 80KB) , you only pay a 10 percent instead of a 20 percent deductible.

Good to know, biosimilars

Biosimilars are biotechnologically produced imitation drugs. They are up to 25 percent cheaper, yet they have the same active substances and the same effect as the original. As your doctor.