Complementary/alternative medicine

Complementary or alternative medicine treats people holistically and seeks the cause of an illness instead of only treating its symptoms. Nowadays, more than half of all Swiss people turn to complementary medicine.

You can also receive alternative treatments and benefit from many complementary services with our supplementary insurance SANA and COMPLETA.

What's worth knowing about this topic? - Complementary/alternative medicine

"Complementary medicine" is a collective term for a number of diagnostic processes, healing methods and medicines. These are applied by doctors, naturopaths and complementary therapists. Most methods have a long tradition, some of which span thousands of years.

Conventional medicine and complementary medicine differ. Traditional doctors search for symptoms and organic changes. Doctors of complementary medicine search for the cause while looking at the patient's biography, environment, strengths and weaknesses.

The emphasis of complementary medicine is to support you as you focus on self-regulation. You learn how to promote your own sense of self and personal responsibility when dealing with your complaints and illnesses.

Complementary medicine advice line

Before and during your complementary medical treatment, Helsana is there to help you. Get free advice by calling 0800 100 590. We help you to choose the appropriate therapy and to find a recognised doctor, naturopath or therapist who can treat you professionally. During the phone call, we highlight the options and the limitations of complementary medical treatment.