Kinesiology – muscles as messengers

Managing anxiety, headaches or difficult situations: kinesiology is used to treat a wide range of issues. Kinesiologists use muscle testing to assess the body’s energy flow and identify techniques for balancing out the energy.

Kinesiology is based on the idea that our body, mind and soul form a whole. When they are balanced, energy can flow freely through the body. This flow of energy can be disrupted by various factors: for example, through an adverse reaction to a particular type of food or an emotionally stressful situation. Kinesiologists believe that disruptions in energy flow manifest in muscle weakness. That’s why their most important tool is “muscle testing”.

How muscle testing works

Muscle testing is also thought of as the body’s own feedback system. First, your kinesiologist will discuss your needs with you. How are you doing? What is troubling you? This discussion is followed by muscle testing. To carry out the testing, the kinesiologist will select a so-called indicator muscle. For practical reasons, this is usually a muscle in the arm.

Now, for the testing, you will need to stretch your arm out in front of you, for example. Your kinesiologist will then name a specific topic or feeling, a situation or a type of food, before applying pressure to your arm. If your arm drops down, this is a sign that your energy flow is disrupted. If you’re able to keep your arm relaxed, it means the energy surrounding that particular issue is flowing undisturbed. Kinesiologists believe that the muscle’s first reaction is not voluntary, but rather controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Muscle testing is also used to determine which treatment methods are suitable for you.

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Kinesiology treatment methods

The aim of kinesiology treatment is to restore an uninterrupted flow of energy through the body. Kinesiologists use various techniques to balance out the energy flow. For example, they hold or tap on certain acupressure points or practise particular breathing techniques with you.

Kinesiology for adults and children

Kinesiology is used for prevention and for existing complaints. It is suitable for people of all ages. There is a wide range of kinesiology treatments: for example, kinesiology is used in cases of anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, allergies, headaches and digestive problems. It can also aid personal development and help to unlock your potential. Kinesiology is used for children, for example, if they’re having problems with jealousy or struggling to sleep through the night.

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