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Being pregnant changes a lot of things – not just in your body but in your everyday life. You’re sure to have a lot of questions, especially if it’s your first child. Here you can find information and tips on nutrition, pregnancy, childbirth and insurance.

How your body changes during pregnancy

Read about what is important at each stage in your pregnancy – from midwives and antenatal tests to your hospital bag.

Is there a risk that your child will inherit a genetic disease? Antenatal examinations will tell you more.

It is important to remember that good nutrition is essential for the development of your unborn child.

Find out here how you can prepare for the big day, what giving birth is like and what is important afterwards.

Your insurance during pregnancy and after the birth

You can insure your child even before it is born. The Baby Package includes both basic and supplementary insurance. Find out what services you can benefit from as an expectant mother here:

Baby Package

Comprehensive protection for newborns, which can be taken out even before birth, without a medical examination.

Basic insurance

Full range of services during pregnancy – without deductibles or excess.

HOSPITAL Semi-Private

For more privacy – supplementary hospital insurance for quiet and comfort in a two-bed room.

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