When do I need to adjust my health insurance?

Whether you’re moving, having a baby, getting married or divorced or taking early or regular retirement, there are many reasons why you should review or adjust your insurance cover.

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Not every change in your life means you need to change your health insurance. But do let us know as soon as possible if there is a change in your personal information, such as your address or bank details. That's the only way we can make sure that you continue to receive documents such as premium statements or refunds in good time.

Changes to your personal information we need to know about:

  • Surname
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Bank details / Postbank account no.
Change personal details

Marriage and starting a family

Whether a married couple, a registered couple, a patchwork family or a couple in co-habitation: people who live in the same household can have their insurance policies merged. If several people from one household are insured under the same contract as the premium payer, also known as the family contact person, the administrative work for us is significantly reduced. All persons in the contract can benefit from this cost saving. If you have two or more persons, you too will receive a family discount on certain supplementary insurances.

More about the family discount Combining contracts


A lot changes when you become pregnant – even your health insurance. This is why we offer you different insurance benefits for when you’re pregnant and after the baby is born.

Did you know that you can notify us before your baby is born and take out basic insurance and supplementary insurance to cover your little one as soon as it arrives? Take out our baby package before your baby is born and benefit from an ideal insurance solution.

Insurance benefits during pregnancy and maternity More about Baby Package


If you retire and start drawing your pension in Switzerland while living in Switzerland, nothing changes for you. You are insured here in Switzerland and can take full advantage of all the benefits offered by your health insurance company. 

If you decide to move outside of Switzerland however, you may need additional health insurance in the country you move to. This also applies if you have already worked in another country and also receive a pension from that country. More about this below under “Moving”. 


Regardless of whether you move to another canton or abroad, you must register your move either way. If you move within Switzerland, you will retain your basic insurance, although if you move to another canton, your premium amount may change. If you move abroad, there are other things that you need to know.

Moving to an EU/EFTA country

If you move to an EU/EFTA country, it makes a difference whether you are moving as an employee or pensioner. Moving due to professional reasons generally means you must insure yourself in the country in which you are employed. Several neighbouring countries also offer voluntary insurance (right to insurance options). You must be insured, but you can choose to retain your Swiss basic insurance or switch to insurance in the neighbouring country.

If you plan to move after you retire, you must retain your health insurance in Switzerland. However, if you worked outside of Switzerland for a time and also receive a pension from that country, then you must also be insured in that country. But even in this case, there are also countries in which the right to insurance options applies.

Moving to a non-EU/EFTA country

If you move to a non-EU or non-EFTA country, then you must take out insurance in that country. If you continue to maintain a residence in Switzerland as well, then you can keep your Swiss insurance.

Good to know: You should keep this in mind particularly if the country to which you are moving has a standard of insurance that is considerably lower than that in Switzerland.

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