What is the difference between basic and supplementary insurance?

We can provide you with both compulsory basic insurance and various supplementary insurance policies. Here are the main differences.

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What is basic insurance?

Basic insurance is obligatory for all Swiss residents. It provides basic medical care in the event of illness, accidents and maternity.

Basic insurance covers essential medical needs.

  • Five models available
  • Choice of annual deductible
  • Premium amount depends on age and place of residence
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What is supplementary insurance?

You receive certain benefits from supplementary insurance, which the basic insurance (compulsory health insurance) does not or only partly covers. This includes complementary treatments, convalescence, dental treatments, rescue costs or preventative health measures.

Supplementary insurance covers additional needs related to your health.

  • Choice of insurance products to suit different needs
  • Health declaration required in some cases
  • Premium amount depends on age, gender and place of residence

Would you like to extend your insurance cover? We have many options to choose from.

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Who can take out this insurance?

Every insured person must be accepted into basic insurance. Insurance companies are required by law to accept applicants. This means that you can change your basic insurance every year without any problems.

To take out supplementary insurance, you must complete a health declaration. This enables the health insurers to estimate your insurance risk and to decide whether they wish to accept or reject your application, or whether pre-existing conditions should be excluded from the insurance coverage. Important: If you want to take out a new supplementary insurance policy, do not cancel the policy from your current insurer until your application has been accepted by your new insurer.

Am I required to have both basic and supplementary insurance with the same insurance company?

No. You can have basic and supplementary insurance policies from different providers. If you send in invoices for payment, you should note which insurance covers which costs. 

What notice periods apply to the insurance policies?

You can cancel basic insurance with effect from 31 December of each year and switch to another health insurance company in Switzerland, provided that you have no outstanding premium invoices. A one-month notice period applies. Notice of termination must reach us by no later than the last working day in November.

If you have taken out a BASIS policy with the statutory minimum deductible of CHF 300 (and without a deductible for children), you have the additional option of terminating it on 30 June, provided that you have no outstanding premium invoices and can produce confirmation of subsequent insurance. The notice period for cancellation is three months. In this case, notice of cancellation must accordingly reach us by no later than the last working day in March.

You can cancel the supplementary insurance policy on 31 December of each year. Three months' notice of cancellation must be given. Notice of cancellation must reach us by no later than the last working day in September. If the insurance premium changes, a one-month notice period applies from the date of notification of the change. In this case, notice of cancellation must reach us by no later than the last working day in November.

You can find out more detailed information about cancellation here

Who defines the insurance benefits?

Basic insurance is based on the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG). It stipulates that all health insurance companies must offer the exact same benefits under basic insurance.

Supplementary insurance is governed by the Federal Insurance Contract Act (VVG). This law only sets out the basic principles - it does not define individual benefits. This is why benefits differ from health insurer to health insurer.


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