Helsana Coach app: Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions about Helsana Coach? Here you will find the right answers.

How exactly does the Helsana Coach app work?

The main screen (the “Discover” screen) provides you with spontaneous exercises that you can do quickly and do not require any major effort. We call these the “daily sessions”. Relax your neck, make a smoothie, or tone your abs: simply do whatever suits you spontaneously.

The “Coach” screen features programmes designed to be carried out over multiple days. These motivate you to stay focused every day and thus improve your well-being over the long term. You can choose these programmes from the same health areas (exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness) as the daily sessions.

There is also always a programme comprising several daily sessions. This means that when you take part in a programme, you may encounter the same daily sessions as are individually available on the “Discover” screen.

Is the Helsana Coach app a medical product?

No, Helsana Coach is not a medical product and it is not intended to replace a doctor or therapist. Helsana Coach helps you improve your general health and well-being on a gradual and sustainable basis. If you have an injury or illness or are pregnant and want to use Helsana Coach, please contact your doctor first to discuss this.

Where can I change the onboarding details?

These cannot be changed at present. This function is currently under development.

What is the difference between a daily session and a programme?
Daily session:

A daily session can be launched and carried out directly from the home screen (the “Discover” screen). A daily session usually consists of various exercises. A programme consists of several daily sessions.


A programme can be started by selecting and adding a programme on the “Coach” screen. A programme consists of several daily sessions and lasts several days or weeks. To successfully complete a programme, you must complete all of the daily sessions it contains.

How are programmes and daily sessions related?

A programme consists of a varying number of daily sessions. To get the points for completing a programme, it is necessary to complete various daily sessions in this programme.

How do I know that a reminder to carry out a programme is active?

When setting a reminder, the colours for the specific days mean the following:

Red = active

Grey = inactive

By default, all days are active.

Can I set my own reminder for each selected program?

Regardless of the number of selected programs, you can only set one reminder altogether.

Can I use Helsana Coach on more than one device?

Yes. Simply download the Helsana Coach app to the devices of your choice and log in using your Helsana+ user account.

What will earn me Plus points in Helsana Coach?
  • Connecting to the Helsana Coach app via Helsana+ for the first time
  • Completing a daily session
  • Completing an entire programme
  • Completing three daily sessions within one calendar week (Monday 00.00 a.m. to Sunday 11.59 p.m.)

Further information on Plus points can be found on the “Collect” screen of Helsana+ as well as on the “Progress” screen of Helsana Coach.

Do I have to have both apps on the same device to earn Plus points?
No. All you need to do is log into the Helsana Coach app using your Helsana+ user account.
Does the Helsana Coach app send personal data to Helsana?

The Helsana Coach app only shares the data needed to award Helsana+ Plus points with Helsana+ via an anonymous user ID, which is exchanged during initial registration.

Helsana does not have access to other data that you generate or save in the Coach app, such as gender, year of birth, height, allergies or weight.

If you have any questions about data protection, you can also view our explanatory video.

What data does Helsana process?

To award Plus points, Helsana processes the user ID, the date and completion of the activity (daily session, programme or other), the category (exercise, nutrition, mindfulness) and the subcategory.

What data is processed by eTherapists GmbH (our partner for Helsana Coach)?

eTherapists GmbH processes the detailed data you enter in the Helsana Coach app. This means that it stores your specific completed daily sessions and programmes (interactions within the app). However, it can never assign this data to individuals without action on your part. The app also records the anonymous user ID for eTherapists as well as the device type, operating system, version and dynamic IP address of the smartphone used.

What happens to my data if I delete the app?

If you delete the app on your mobile phone, this will not automatically lead to deletion of your data generated with Helsana or with eTherapists GmbH, which runs the Helsana Coach app for us. If you want to delete your user account completely, please use the corresponding “Delete account” function in the Helsana Coach app.