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Changing health insurer is easy – termination deadlines at a glance

Are you looking to change your health insurer? You can cancel your basic insurance and supplementary insurance quickly and easily. You will find all of the notice periods, termination deadlines and forms here to make changing as smooth as possible.

Change health insurer in just three steps

  1. Calculate premium and request quote
    Use the premium calculator to put together the right insurance cover for you and your family in just a few clicks. The online advice will help you select the right basic insurance and supplementary insurance for you based on your individual requirements. We would be happy to advise you.

    Calculate premium

  1. Submit the application online or send by post
    Do you agree to the offer and your selection? If so, fill out the online application directly in the premium calculator. Answer the questions about your state of health for supplementary insurance and submit everything online. Tips on the online application can be found here. Alternatively, print out the application and when you have filled it out in full send it to:

    Helsana Versicherungen AG, Competence Center (VCCS), Postfach, 8081 Zürich

  1. Cancelling basic insurance and supplementary insurance
    You can cancel your current health insurance as soon as you have received our confirmation of acceptance in writing. The notice of termination for supplementary insurance must be received by your current health insurer by the end of September, depending on the contract. With basic insurance, you have until the end of November. Would you like us to forward on the notice of termination for you? Please send the completed termination form (PDF, 90KB) to us at the following e-mail address no later than 14 days prior to the termination deadline: As soon as we have checked and confirmed your application, we will forward the notice of termination to your current insurer.
  2. Termination deadlines: When to change health insurer

    Terminate supplementary insurance by 30 September

    Most health insurers have a notice period of three months from the end of the year. However, there are exceptions, such as multi-year contracts. Or in the event of a premium increase: If the supplementary insurance premium increases, there is usually a shorter termination deadline of one month. The precise details on terminations can be found in your health insurer’s terms and conditions of insurance.

    Terminate basic insurance by 30 November

    If you want to change your obligatory basic insurance on 1 January, your current insurer will need to have received the submitted notice of termination on the last working day in November at the latest – the postmark date does not apply. This termination deadline of one month from the announcement of the new premium will apply regardless of a premium increase or your insurance model. It will also only be possible to change insurers if you have no outstanding premiums.

    Standard basic insurance, i.e. not a general practitioner model or Telmed and only with the statutory deductible of CHF 300 (children without deductible), can also be changed on 1 July. In this case, the termination must have been received by your health insurer by the last working day in March at the latest.