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Basic insurance

Additional benefits on top of AHV and disability insurance

The additional benefits on top of AHV and disability insurance are monthly social insurance contributions. They are awarded when the insured person's pensions and other income and assets do not amount to the minimum required to cover the cost of living. The cantons arrange for the payment of these contributions.

Premium subsidy for additional benefits

With effect from January 2014, the premium subsidy for compulsory health insurance is no longer paid directly to the recipients of additional benefits. The relevant amount is paid directly to the relevant health insurer specifically for this purpose. The premium subsidy is then taken into account in the monthly premium.

The premium for compulsory health insurance – or the relevant average cantonal premium – is paid for people entitled to additional benefits.

Payment of healthcare costs

Healthcare costs are reimbursed separately from and in addition to additional benefits. These include the excess or deductible for compulsory health insurance, dental treatment, household help, transport costs, convalescent therapies, etc.

Good to know

If you want to make a claim for additional benefits, you have to register with your local AHV office. People who have reached AHV retirement age can also contact Pro Senectute for advice. Disabled people can contact Pro Infirmis. On the Pro Senectute website you can easily calculate whether you can claim additional benefits and the level of benefits you can claim.