Overview of the Helsana apps


We offer you a round-the-clock service. Scan invoices, collect Plus points, exercise out in the fresh air, achieve health goals – you can do all this and more on our free apps:

Helsana+ app

Helsana+ App Icon Helsana+ app

Rewards for living healthily, preventive health measures and connecting with Helsana. Receive cash payments and lucrative offers with the Helsana+ app.

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Best of Swiss Apps

Helsana+ has won bronze at the Best of Swiss Apps 2017 in the categories "Business" and "Design".

Helsana Coach app

Helsana Coach App Icon

Helsana Coach app

Helsana Coach will help you achieve your personal goals. You will be supported with tips and activities for exercise, nutrition and mindfulness.

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Helsana Trails app

Helsana Trails App Icon Helsana Trails app

Get out in the fresh air! The free Helsana Trails app is a navigation aid, tracker and planner all in one.

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myHelsana app

myHelsana App myHelsana app

With the myHelsana app, you can deal with your paperwork even more quickly and conveniently. In addition, using the app means that you will always have a digital insurance card to hand..

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Helsana Scan app

Helsana Scan App Icon Helsana Scan app

Send us your invoices quickly and easily. You will save time, paper and postage. Existing scanned invoices can be viewed in the app.

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