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Our weight is often directly associated with our happiness. Insights, experiences and tips on a topic that has likely affected us all at some point.

Weight: a topic that concerns us all

One person’s ideal weight is as individual as their life, body and goals. So instead of chasing an ideal weight, experts advise keeping your own weight in check – even in old age.

What claims relating to weight are true, what BMI and obesity are, what exercise is good for losing weight and how to gain weight healthily: find the answers to these questions in our Ratgeber magazine.

The Helsana Ratgeber magazine

Customers receive the Ratgeber magazine on a specific health topic twice a year. The focus of each issue is background knowledge, tips and inspiration. The articles are straightforward and feature attractive illustrations. All the content is created in collaboration with specialists and experts.

Please note: Ratgeber is not available in English, but in German, French and Italian.

Healthy weight loss – but how?

Often, a change in diet fails not due to a lack of knowledge – but a lack of patience. “A change like that requires time, though,” explains David Fäh, doctor and nutritionist. “There is a big risk of falling back into old behavioural patterns.” He advises being patient and sometimes accepting that certain changes are not realistic for certain people. “Have you noticed that you are using eating to compensate for loneliness, stress, boredom or some other emotion?” David Fäh’s advice is to seek professional help for this if you cannot resolve the problem on your own.

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