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Lots of people want to get their weight on track but don’t know how to do it. How many calories do I consume – how many do I need? Measurement methods like BMI can help find the answers. Finding your ideal weight is much more complicated, however.

Fasting or calorie counting? Paths to your ideal weight

Our body weight changes throughout our lives, in part due to our metabolism. Only rarely is our weight exactly what we want it to be. Some people get stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, others eat lots of sugar in order to put on weight but end up failing to do so. Others still become gym bunnies.

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Calories aren’t bad

We need calories – they give us energy. The question is, how many is a healthy amount? The answer depends on various factors such as build, gender, age or level of activity. People who don’t consume vastly more than their required calories not only do something good for their health but also have a better quality of life.

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