• Helsana HealthInvest AG: Investor in the healthcare system

    Our corporate venturing is run by our subsidiary Helsana HealthInvest AG. One of the company’s objectives is to contribute to better prevention and health literacy.

    With its extensive knowledge and its network in the Swiss healthcare system, Helsana HealthInvest AG brings considerable expertise to healthcare partnerships. Helsana’s presence in the health insurance sector with around 1.4 million insured persons and 60,000 corporate clients means it can offer attractive access to the Swiss market.

    • The company Helsana HealthInvest AG invests in start-ups dedicated to health. It’s our way of contributing to a higher quality of healthcare and increasing efficiency in the healthcare system.

    Where does HealthInvest AG invest?

    Helsana HealthInvest AG invests in start-ups and venture funds from Europe and Israel. Our investment activity is focused on companies with sophisticated products that have initial experience and are already active on or want to break into the Swiss market.

    Far from providing mere investment, Helsana HealthInvest AG will bring its expertise in the Swiss healthcare system to partnerships, effectively joining the network.

    Our portfolio

    eTherapists (Humanoo)

    Humanoo is a digital healthcare solution for companies and insurers worldwide. The software provider, which has offices in Berlin and Paris, helps users to improve their physical and mental health with tailored on-demand programmes for fitness, physio, yoga, mindfulness, sleep and diet.

    Helsana offers Humanoo to its customers as the Helsana Coach app, and it allows its corporate clients to use Humanoo as part of their occupational health management, helping them to boost the long-term well-being of their employees.

    Our investment is a sign of our growing confidence in Humanoo. We promote the adoption of preventive approaches internationally and reinforce operational cooperation in the interests of our customers.

    Our team

    Dr. Ralf Molitor

    Dietrich Aumann

    Barbara Langsdorf

    Yannick Bomhard

    Dr. Elisabeth Bourqui

    Beat Riedle

    Roman Schuppisser

    Dr. Ulrich Geilinger

    Interested in teaming up with us?

    Ralf Molitor, Managing Director Helsana HealthInvest AG Ralf Molitor, Managing Director Helsana HealthInvest AG

    Ralf Molitor, Managing Director Helsana HealthInvest AG

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