Leaders Care – the online psychological training tool for managers

It soon becomes obvious when employees are struggling with mental health problems in the workplace. The issue can often have an impact on the workplace as a whole. For the wellbeing of the employee concerned and the team, it is important that managers know how to recognise warning signs and respond appropriately in these situations.

Leaders Care, our new, free online training tool can help. The tool improves awareness and offers advice on how to deal with the affected individuals.

Do any of these management situations sound familiar?

  • An employee's performance has suddenly deteriorated.
  • The person has become very difficult almost overnight.
  • The team environment is suffering.
  • The number of sick days is gradually increasing.

Managers and HR professionals need support and confidence in order to deal with employees who are suffering with mental health issues. So Helsana has teamed up with experts from the Clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy in Basel-Landschaft to develop the innovative Leaders Care training tool. Financial support was provided by Artisana Foundation. Leaders Care is part of Helsana's Business Health service – we offer all-round occupational health management.

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What the online training tool does:

  • Improves your awareness of the significance and consequences of mental health problems in the workplace
  • Helps you to identify warning signals and typical developments in the workplace
  • Teaches you about the various intervention strategies that you can use

Try a free trial of the award-winning Leaders Care online training tool and expand your skill set:

Leaders Care

Note: Leaders Care is currently available in German only.

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