Overview of healthmanagement

Occupational health management (OHM)

Gesundheitsmanagement Überblick

With occupational health management, you improve your employees’ motivation, health and performance. At the same time, you reduce absences and employee turnover. For the good of your employees and for the long-term success of your company. Helsana Business Health helps you to optimise existing structures and processes to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Does this sound familiar?

"Why are my employees absent from work so often?"

“Why do my employees come and go so much? How can I reduce the high turnover rate?"

“How high are the absentee costs when my employees are sick?”

Helsana Business Health can help you answer these staff-related questions and more.

The benefits for your company

  • Productivity and stability in the team is increased thanks to fewer absences.
  • A better office climate encourages commitment and identification with the company.
  • A shared understanding of good health improves your company’s unique health culture.
  • Free online tools make occupational health management easier for you.
  • We will provide a no-obligation on-site consultation and discuss your personal situation.

Support in all health-related questions

Many years of experience in health management – we advise you and help you reach your goal.

  • We analyse your company’s situation together – for example by asking if there are any absence hotspots involving certain people and dates? Why might that be happening? Based on this analysis, your Helsana health managers will work with you to define suitable health promotion measures and help you to implement them.
  • The health managers will organise discussions and hold workshops with management and staff on the topics of work and health. Then we’ll assess how successful the measures were and evaluate whether the targets have been met.

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