Healthy leadership

Would you like to help your managers identify healthy, at-risk and ill employees, and offer them the best possible support? Our workshop will help your managers develop the necessary skills.

Workshop: Healthy leadership

Key points

Managers learn how they can positively influence their employees’ health as part of their role. They also learn what the early warning signs are, and how to deal with at-risk and ill employees.


  • Managers gain a renewed, shared understanding of how leaders can promote health.
  • Managers are more aware of early warning signs.
  • Managers think about how to deal with stresses and absences in their teams.
  • All of your employees are healthy, motivated and productive.


  • The link between management styles and health, and serving as a role model
  • The basics of one-to-one meetings (attitude, rules of communication)
  • Appreciative management behaviour
  • Early detection, early warning signs, watching out for changes in behaviour
  • Dealing with absences, one-on-one meetings in connection with absences

Target group



4 h or 6 h

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