Developing healthily

Would you like to optimise your structures and processes relating to early detection, absence management or diversity and inclusion? Our health managers can help you with this in our workshops.

Key points

Based on the situation analysis for early detection and absences, the health manager will work with you to put the best possible processes in place, or to refine your existing ones.


  • You have suitable processes in place for dealing with early detection and absences.
  • You deal systematically with absences.
  • You recognise the signs of declining performance at an early stage, and are able to take action.


  • Introduction to the principles and organisation of an absence management function
  • Development of a process for handling early detection and absences
  • Resources for managers, such as checklists for one-on-one meetings

Target group

  • Executive Board
  • HR/OHM officers
  • Managers


2 h

Key points:

Based on the StayEngaged “Diversity and Inclusion” employee survey, you and your personal health manager will identify potential for improvement and define strategic measures.


  • Your company boosts its appeal and its employee retention.
  • You combat the shortage of specialists.
  • Your employees are more motivated, and work together better.
  • Your company gains a wide range of expertise, and becomes more innovative.


  • The link between D&I and a company’s success
  • The results of the StayEngaged D&I employee survey
  • Developing and planning measures

Target group

  • Executive Board
  • HR/OHM officers
  • Managers


2 h or 4 h

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