Non-occupational accidents – the unrecognised risk

Accidents during leisure time are not just a private matter. Whether someone has an accident in their spare time or at work, the result is the same: employee absences lead to considerable costs for companies. And often a great deal of anguish for the injured person. Here are the key facts and where you can find tips.


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Lots is done to prevent accidents at the workplace – employers are legally obliged to do so. Did you know, however, that most accidents happen during leisure time? Every year in Switzerland, more than half a million workers are injured in accidents while exercising, at home or in traffic. That is almost twice the number of people injured in occupational accidents.

67% are non-occupational accidents (NOAs)

Two-thirds of accident-related occupational absences are the result of accidents that happen during an employee’s spare time.

601,000 non-occupational accidents 293,000 occupational accidents (including occupational illnesses). (Source 2023: UVG statistics, Suva)

45% are injured when doing sport

41% of accidents happen in and around the home; 14% are injured in road traffic.

Source: 2023 UVG statistics, Suva (figures from 2021)

Non-occupational accidents burden companies

Every year, accident-related occupational absences account for CHF 12 billion in material costs and lead to additional administrative effort. If an employee is absent from work for an extended period, you will have to make changes to roles and tasks. You may need to bring in people to provide cover and you will have to find and train these quickly. Work can be delayed, there can be deadline issues and deliveries and contracts can be at risk. In the worst-case scenario, your company’s reputation suffers as a result.

Accident prevention is worth it

You as an employer can help to reduce both non-occupational accidents and the associated employee absences – we can support you with this. Contact us for a consultation or for more information:

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