First aid

Whether you’re at home or out and about, first aid can save a life in an emergency. Here are the most important facts and tips. So you can be prepared, when it really matters.

Most people have heard of the recovery position and chest compressions. But when and how should you use these in an emergency? According to a new study from the Swiss Red Cross and Helsana, the majority of the population would like to be able to perform first aid, but only every other person feels able to do so. We have put together the basics of first aid for you. Why not refresh your knowledge, so you too can help out in an emergency. Don’t be afraid to have a go – doing anything is better than doing nothing. 

Helsana is an official partner of the Swiss Red Cross (SRC). Together, we are committed to the health and well-being of Switzerland’s population. We work to promote issues that affect us all as a society. This includes ensuring that as many people as possible are capable of performing first aid in an emergency. Helsana has been working with the SRC since the beginning of 2020.