Test: how good are your first aid skills?

At home, on the street, during sport: an emergency can happen anytime, anywhere. Immediate action is required. So how good is your first aid knowledge?

04.09.2020 Daniela Schori 2 minutes

I’m a layperson – should I use a defibrillator? Who do I call if it’s a case of poisoning? What are the typical symptoms of a stroke? There’s no time for these questions in an emergency – you have to act right away. But what should you do?

It’s been a few years since most of us did a first aid course – so it’s time for a refresher, and time to build up your confidence! According to our study with the Swiss Red Cross, only every second person feels confident enough to help out in an emergency.

Media release on "First aid in Switzerland"

The results of the study also show that many people rely on outdated knowledge – some rules have since been replaced or altered. One example is that the injured person should keep their helmet on. In fact, you should take off an unconscious motorcyclist’s helmet, even if they could have a back injury. You shouldn’t worry about doing something wrong when giving first aid. Anything is better than doing nothing. In Switzerland, failing to provide help is punishable with a fine.

So be brave – make a decision and help, as there’s usually only a few minutes to provide first aid.

What should you do in an emergency?

Refresh your knowledge. The test by the Samaritans Switzerland (in German) takes just five minutes – but knowledge of first aid could save lives in an emergency:

Start first aid quiz (in German)

Helsana contributes to first aid courses

As a partner of the Swiss Red Cross, Helsana is committed to ensuring that as many people as possible can perform first aid at any time. For customers who have COMPLETA outpatient supplementary insurance, Helsana now covers 75% or a maximum of CHF 200 per calendar year of the cost of selected courses run by the Samaritans Switzerland, a Swiss Red Cross rescue organisation.

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