Improve mindfulness with meditation apps

Meditation apps mean mindfulness training is now possible from any place and at any time. They offer content for beginners and the more advanced, and help you to integrate more mindfulness into your daily life. That’s also the goal of the free Helsana Coach app.

15.01.2021 Lara Brunner 3 minutes

Take a short break, close your eyes, focus on your breathing – after just a few minutes, meditation has a positive effect on your body and mind. It can help with sleep problems, stress in everyday life or problems concentrating. However, finding the right type of meditation for the current situation and keeping it up isn't always easy.

This is why meditation apps help. They guide the user through short or long sessions and remind them – if desired – to focus on mindfulness. These can easily be integrated into your everyday routine.

Mindfulness with the free Helsana Coach app

Helsana Coach supports you in achieving your personal health goals and boosting your well-being as a result. The app offers tips and activities on a variety of topics relating to mindfulness. You can easily integrate this into your daily life. The Helsana Coach app documents your progress.

Good to know: You will receive Plus points in Helsana+ for each completed daily session and programme.

More about the Helsana+ app

Daily sessions: short and effective

The Helsana Coach app offers more than 70 daily sessions to boost motivation, concentration, relaxation and sleep. The sessions last between one and twenty minutes. You are free to choose which session you want to complete, whenever it suits you. Helsana Coach guides you through the exercises and gives you interesting information on the topic. It's got a lot to offer:

  • Motivation: More power throughout the day, promote creativity, meditation for happiness
  • Concentration: Sharpen focus, strengthen awareness, improve concentration in the long term
  • Relaxation: Basics of meditation, strategies to combat stress, deep relaxation
  • Sleep: Improve sleep in the long term, go to sleep relaxed, wake up refreshed

(This is not an exhaustive list.)

Under “Soundscapes”, you can find natural sounds and classical music to listen to throughout the day. Decide which background noises best help you in your current situation.

Programmes: achieve your goal, one step at a time

The programmes are made up of various daily sessions. They bring together all the important exercises and information about a topic. You decide on which days you want to complete the sessions. You can save reminders for this in the app.

  • Motivation: Do you find it difficult to tackle things that you’ve taken on? In the motivation programme, Helsana Coach guides you step by step to a more motivated life.
  • Concentration: Do you struggle to focus? Helsana Coach will help you to sharpen your concentration and be more productive.
  • Relaxation: Do you find it hard to switch off once in a while? Discover our relaxation programme and be inspired to let go.
  • Sleep: Do you have trouble sleeping? Simple meditation can help you to fall asleep and sleep through the night more peacefully and soundly.
  • Soundscapes: Does background noise help you study or fall asleep? Music can relieve stress and promote relaxation. Choose background music that suits your mood. 

What else does the Helsana Coach app have to offer?

Alongside tips and activities for mindfulness, you can also find content on movement and nutrition in the Helsana Coach app. Exercise: Complete daily sessions and programmes in yoga, strength, endurance, weight loss and mobility. You can also take part in live workouts on Wednesdays. Nutrition: Through daily sessions and programmes, learn how nutrition affects your body and soul. Content on healthy eating and losing weight is available. You can also find tasty, balanced recipe ideas for any occasion in the app.

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