Get rid of hay fever with homeopathy & co.

Common symptoms of hay fever include burning eyes, a runny nose and itchiness in the mouth or throat. Our naturopath, Oliver Bassler, knows how you can get rid of hay fever with homeopathy & co. and how desensitisation will succeed in case of hay fever.

Mr Bassler, my eyes are itchy and I have a blocked nose – is it too late for homeopathy and other alternative treatment methods?

By no means! Complementary medicine often alleviates acute hay fever more successfully than conventional medication. I treat patients with hay fever who suffer despite taking antiallergic drugs. Or patients who suffer from the consequences thereof, such as fatigue, problems concentrating and nausea. Complementary medicine is free from these side effects.

And what substance helps against a pollen allergy?

I cannot simply produce a pill. Lasting treatment of hay fever follows a holistic approach. The naturopath or complementary therapist analyses the patient’s state of health. What physical condition is the patient in? Where are blockages present? What reactions occur?

Sounds like a long process, but my eyes are burning now.

You should never try anything out of necessity! Only treatment tailored to your specific state of health will heal you of the condition. Acupuncture, for example, has an effect very quickly. In the acute phase when patients are particularly sensitive to pain or in children, the therapist can also stimulate the points with special plasters, laser light or fine electrical impulses instead of with needles.

Is acupuncture all it takes to get rid of hay fever?

In mild cases, it is. However, the body usually needs more than that to regulate itself. Acupuncture, herbal medicine and homeopathy complement each other very well. In case of swollen mucous membranes, peppermint or lavender alleviate symptoms, whereas Euphrasia can bring relief to patients in case of eye complaints.

«Acupuncture, herbal medicine and homeopathy complement each other very well to get rid of hay fever»

Can I stop taking antiallergic drugs immediately?

The aim is to replace them gradually with natural remedies. The time it takes varies. The consultation also includes the identification of any disruptive influences. For instance, avoiding certain foods – these could make the allergy worse.

What should people allergic to pollen not eat under any circumstances?

That depends on what type of allergy sufferer they are. Some tend to have allergic reactions to citrus, whereas nuts or stone fruit trigger an allergic reaction in others. Nutrition should therefore be part of the treatment. And beware of well-intentioned tips from friends or family: there is no magic recipe. Something which helps others with hay fever is sometimes the wrong remedy for you.

Is hay fever desensitisation possible with complementary medicine?

Yes, desensitising the immune system using alternative methods is both possible and advisable. My experience has shown that the chances of success are good, and treatment is usually more tolerable than with conventional medical remedies.

Are there people with hay fever for whom desensitisation does not work?

In patients with additional or severe allergies and asthmatics, minor symptoms often persist but there is some alleviation.

Oliver Bassler, naturopath and Specialist at Helsana

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