Tips for your travel first-aid kit

These complementary medicine and conventional medicine remedies help to alleviate typical holiday complaints.


Gastrointestinal problems

Complementary medicine

Iberogast, Weleda Amara, Weleda Digestodoron, Okoubasan

Conventional medicine

Medications like Bioflorin, Imodium, Dulcolax

Motion sickness

Complementary medicine

Similasan travel sicknes or Weleda Cocculus

Conventional medicine

Tablets like Itinerol as a remedy for nausea and vomiting, travel chewing gum, e.g. Trawell


Complementary medicine

Similasan fever and flu or Schüsseler salt No. 3,5 and 7

Conventional medicine

Painkillers with Ibuprofen or Paracetamol, e.g. Algifor, Panadol

Wounds & Injuries

Complementary medicine

Wound and healing ointments, e.g. Calendula, tea tree oil, Arnica globules D/C30

Conventional medicine

Disinfectants like Betadine and dressings

Colds & coughs

Complementary medicine

Spagyrom drops for colds or Weleda Infludoron/Infludo

Conventional medicine

Antipyretics (see pain), nasal spray, remedy for a sore throat

Insect bites/stings & allergies

Complementary medicine

Tea tree oil, Weleda Combudoron, Similasan insect bites and stings

Conventional medicine

Antiallergic tablets, Remedy for itchy insect bite or stings, e.g. Fenipic Plus, Parapic


Sun cream with a hig sun protection factor. Sunburn can be alleviated by cooling gels or lotions, e.g. Sanadermil, Bepanthen (conventional medicine) or Weleda Combudoron (complementary medicine).

Have you got everything?

Also pack any personal medication and seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist. The above-mentioned remedies are a recommendation and the list is not exhaustive. They are not covered by insurance.

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