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    Baby package and care services for families
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    Costs covered in the area of complementary medicine
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    Favourable advantage for supplementary insurance


Switch to Helsana and enjoy first-class insurance cover. Benefit from attractive advantages for you and your family.

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Comprehensive services and discounts for families
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    Baby on the way? The Helsana Baby Package offers protection from day one.

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      Baby package

      The Baby Package provides your child with a comprehensive benefits package that delivers protection and security at all times from day one – from compulsory health insurance to the most important supplementary insurance policies.


      How to benefit

      • Attractive basic insurance premiums and unlimited choice of doctors in the canton of residence.
      • Contributions towards health promotion, prevention (e.g. vaccinations)
      • KidsCare: Childcare
      • Full cost coverage in the general ward (multi-bed room) throughout Switzerland
      • Global insurance in emergencies
      • For prenatal registration: no health check, or guaranteed cover by the supplementary insurance of the Baby Package
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    Is your child sick and you have to go to work? Helsana KidsCare is already on the way.

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      KidsCare (childcare)

      A professionally trained carer is quickly on hand to care for your sick or injured child at home in his/her familiar environment.


      How to benefit


      You are employed.

      You took out the insurance for your child.


      Depending on the type of supplementary insurance you have taken out (with the exception of HOSPITAL FLEX), we will pay for 30-110 hours of childcare per calendar year for children up to the age of 15.

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    You are sick yourself and have nobody to look after the children? The Helsana Nanny Service takes over.

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      Nanny service

      While you are in hospital, an experienced carer will look after your healthy children aged up to 15 on weekdays. This will enable you to recover in hospital calmly and with peace of mind, while your children are lovingly looked after at home.


      How to benefit

      Depending on the type of supplementary hospital insurance you have taken out, we will pay for 30-90 hours of nanny services per calendar year for children up to the age of 15.


Unique benefits from our supplementary covers
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    Helsana Trails

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      Helsana Trails

      How to benefit

      Around 360 prepared and signposted Helsana Trails in more than 120 locations throughout Switzerland invite you to stay fit by running, walking or Nordic walking in the great outdoors. This Trail app shows you the location of the nearest Helsana Trail and accompanies you on your route with a tracking function.

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    Contributions to vaccinations, check-ups and prevention

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      Contributions to vaccinations, check-ups and prevention

      How to benefit

      With SANA and COMPLETA supplementary insurance you are entitled to various check-ups and preventive measures.


      SANA: You receive 75% of the costs, up to CHF 500 per year.


      COMPLETA: You receive 75% of the costs, up to CHF 750 per year.

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    Contribution to gym membership

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      TOP coverage abroad and other generous benefits

      TOP supplementary insurance provides you with important outpatient benefits. Here is a summary of the benefits.

      We contribute to the cost of:

      • Spectacle lenses and contact lenses.
      • Medication not covered by statutory health insurance.
      • Emergency outpatient (visits to the doctor) or inpatient (hospital) treatment abroad.
      • Medical transportation worldwide.
      • Correction of misaligned teeth.

      For whom is this insurance recommended?

      • People who want to close critical gaps in cover at an affordable price.


It's easy to switch

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Frequently asked questions
  • I'm already insured with the Helsana Group. Can I still benefit? If so, how?

    Parties insured by the Helsana Group benefit from a advantage too. Let us know your plans either verbally (by giving us a call or visiting a sales office) or in writing using the transfer form. We will adjust your contract accordingly on the first day of the following month. Please bear in mind that some policies are subject to age restrictions.

  • How much notice do I have to give when I switch?

    As a Helsana customer, you don't have to give any notice if you would like to benefit from the advantage. If you are with another insurance company, you will need to observe the statutory periods of notice or the general terms and conditions of your current insurer.

  • Do I have to complete a health declaration for the switchover?

    As a Helsana customer, you don't have to complete a health declaration if you would like to benefit from the advantage.

  • When I change, do I have to provide a verification note from my employer or association?

    No. However, it makes sense to check beforehand whether you are entitled to join the group contract (ask us, or speak to your association/society/employer directly). This means either you or a family member must be a member of the association/society, or work for the employer in question. Please bear in mind that some contracts are subject to age restrictions.

    We grant you an advantage on your supplementary insurance only if you are a member of, for example, a club, association or company that has concluded such an agreement with us. Without this membership, your entitlement to receive an advantage and other benefits provided under the agreement no longer applies. You are obliged to notify the Helsana Group immediately if you leave the club, association or company that has concluded the agreement with us. If required the Helsana Group may verify the accuracy and up-to-date nature of your information (surname, first name, address, membership) with the partner with which it has concluded the agreement. The Helsana Group reserves the right to reclaim premiums in the event of any unentitled advantages granted. The advantage is guaranteed for 2020 and is financed by the uncommitted funds of Helsana Supplementary Insurances Ltd. We would like to point out that the advantage may be discontinued at a later point in time, at the earliest with effect from 1 January 2021.


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Health insurance is compulsory for anyone living in Switzerland. The medical benefits provided under compulsory basic insurance are stipulated by law and are identical for all insurance models and providers.


In addition to the standard statutory option, there are also alternative insurance models (AIMs) that let you save on premiums. You also benefit from the advantage of having a main point of contact in the event of any health problems.

Annual franchise

If you choose a higher deductible than the statutory minimum of CHF 300, you stand to make huge savings on your basic insurance premiums.

Include accident insurance

Our supplementary insurances provide additional benefits (on top of those you would receive under basic insurance): Alternative medicine, coverage abroad, glasses & contact lenses, health & fitness, vaccinations & prevention, legal protection (legal expenses), capital protection, etc.

Supplementary hospital insurance

Supplementary hospital insurance provides you with extra benefits on top of those you would receive under basic insurance: Choice of hospital, greater room comfort and privacy in hospital, choice of hospital doctor (e.g. head physician), contributions towards Spitex, convalescent treatments, etc.

Supplementary insurance
Current health insurance
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