Ten tips to beat the heat

These ten tips will help make the high temperatures more bearable.

  1. Drink enough
    You should drink enough to maintain your balance of fluids and electrolytes. Avoid sweet drinks in favour of mineral water or tea. Make sure that the drinks are not too cold.
    Good to know: Some fruits and vegetables, such as cucumber and watermelon, also have a high water content.
  2. Light meals
    Avoid heavy meals in favour of light fare or several small meals. Try out our summer recipe: falafel and salad with mint dressing.
  3. Avoid coffee and alcohol
    Coffee stimulates circulation but the effect soon drops off. Alcohol stresses the circulatory system and dehydrates the body.
  4. Cool footbaths
    Rest your feet in cool water or pour some over your wrists or neck. This will cool you down and keep your circulation going.
  5. Loose clothing
    Wear clothes made of linen or cotton. Light garments allow air to circulate, helping you to sweat less.
  6. Summer hairstyles
    People with long hair should tie it up to ventilate their forehead and neck.
  7. Caution during sport
    Reserve physical activity for the morning or evening hours. In general, the higher the temperature, the gentler your training should be. Listen to your body.
  8. Proper ventilation
    In the morning, open the windows of your home while the air is still cool. Then close all of the windows and draw the blinds or shutters.
  9. Lukewarm showers
    Even if the temptation is strong: don't take a cold shower. This causes the blood vessels to constrict, slowing the release of stored-up heat. Cold water also tells the body that it needs to warm up. Lukewarm showers are a better option.
  10. Switch off electronic devices
    Avoid using your clothes dryer. Fully switch off electronic devices such as computers and televisions, which emit some heat even in standby mode. When cooking, use the kitchen ventilator fan to remove the additional warm air.


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