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Helsana Trails app

The Helsana Trails app assists you with your training or with walks on the Helsana trails. The integrated tracking function means it’s the ideal coach. You can find the locations of all the Helsana trails in the app.

The Helsana Trails app shows you the routes, distances and altitude profiles of all the Helsana trails, and measures the distance, pace, elevation, time and calories burned for each outing. On any route and for any type of training.

The Helsana Trails app also shows you attractive recreational and leisure opportunities on and near the Helsana trails, including viewpoints, playgrounds, places to swim and museums.

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Helsana Trails app replacement

The Helsana Trails app will be discontinued in April 2024 – but don’t worry: the Helsana trails will still be available. 

From April onwards, use the new activity in the Helsana+ app to keep earning rewards for exercising on Helsana trails. 

Helsana Trails app terms of use
  • Track your activities

  • Trail locations and routes

  • Personal statistics

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Frequently asked questions

The free Helsana Trails app brings the Helsana trails right to your smartphone. It shows you the routes, distances and altitude profiles of all the Helsana trails. The integrated tracking function makes it the ideal support: it measures the distance, speed, elevation, time and calories burned over any route during your exercise session. You can view the results in the app calendar, which allows you to share and compare your results with friends.

The Helsana trails are open and accessible for both Helsana customers and non-customers all year round. In addition, anyone can download and use the Helsana Trails app free of charge.

No. The Helsana Trails app is also a mobile planner. It highlights many attractive activities on and off the trails (viewpoints, playgrounds, places to swim, barbecue areas, museums and much more). In the app, you’ll find important additional information about how usable a trail is in winter and how to get there. The app also tells you whether the selected route is accessible for prams and wheelchairs or is suitable for exploring by bike.

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