Daily hospital allowance

A stay in hospital can have significant financial consequences. Thanks to the daily hospital allowance insurance HOSPITAL EXTRA, you have fewer financial worries if you have to go into hospital.

You receive the agreed allowance for every day spent in hospital. You decide what to use the money for; you can use it to pay for household help or childcare, for example.

What's worth knowing about daily hospital allowance

During a hospital stay, uncovered costs may arise for haircare, meals and incidental purchases. You can close this gap – with our daily hospital allowance insurance. As soon as we have settled the bill for your hospital stay, your insured daily hospital allowance will be paid out and you can spend it freely.

If another insurance is covering the accommodation expenses, send us confirmation of your stay in order to receive the daily allowance. You will not receive a daily allowance for an inpatient stay at a psychiatric facility, in a retirement or nursing home or abroad.