Helsana Advocare EXTRA

Legal disputes can quickly become expensive. Whether you are involved in a dispute over an online purchase, a rent increase or a car accident, Helsana Advocare EXTRA worldwide internet, civil and motorists’ legal expenses cover means you are optimally insured.

  • Worldwide civil legal expenses coverage
  • Worldwide motorists’ legal expenses cover
  • Worldwide Internet legal expenses cover
  • Includes legal expenses cover in health matters and legal expenses cover abroad
  • Can be taken out for a reduced price in combination with TOP, COMPLETA or OMNIA

For new policies starting on or after 1 January 2025, Advocare EXTRA can now be taken out as a standalone product (without TOP, COMPLETA or OMNIA).

Insured benefits

We reimburse the following benefits to you under Helsana Advocare EXTRA legal expenses insurance:

In legal disputes involving the internet, you are covered for legal fees and court costs up to a maximum of CHF 1 million within Europe and CHF 100,000 outside Europe. The insurance cover includes disputes relating to online purchases, such as if goods have been paid for but not delivered.

You get up to CHF 1 million per case for legal expenses and court costs in the case of civil disputes worldwide. The insurance cover includes disputes with landlords, employers or neighbours.

In the case of motoring-related legal disputes, you are covered for legal fees and court costs up to a maximum of CHF 1 million within Europe and CHF 100,000 outside Europe. The insurance covers enforcement of compensation claims relating to damage to your vehicle, for example.

You will receive up to CHF 1,000,000 for lawyers’ fees and court costs for legal disputes within Europe and up to CHF 100,000 outside Europe. The insurance covers the costs of legal disputes involving personal accidents or disputes abroad, for example.


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Frequently asked questions

Legal disputes can soon become protracted and expensive. You need an advance on costs if they go to court and you need to be represented by a lawyer. 

Legal expenses insurance covers legal advice, representation by a lawyer if the case comes to court, and most of the legal expenses and court costs.

Thanks to your TOP, COMPLETA or OMNIA supplementary insurance, you already benefit from comprehensive legal protection in health matters or while abroad. It provides you with assistance if you get involved in, for example, legal disputes with doctors, hospitals or social and private liability insurers.

Legal disputes are also common in civil matters (e.g. disputes with your landlord or employer), in traffic (e.g. after a car accident) or in Internet-related matters (e.g. credit card misuse). You can supplement your existing legal cover for a very competitive premium with civil, motorists’ and Internet legal expenses insurance with Helsana Advocare EXTRA. That makes your legal expenses insurance fully comprehensive.

When combined with TOP, COMPLETA or OMNIA supplementary insurance, you will get Helsana Advocare EXTRA for a reduced price because the civil legal expenses cover is already included in the supplementary insurance.

Report it immediately by calling the emergency number on your insurance card or in writing. After contacting you, Helsana Rechtsschutz AG (HERAG) will take the steps necessary. Before engaging the services of a lawyer, you must obtain HERAG’s consent and approval of the costs. If you fail to comply with these provisions, HERAG is entitled to reduce its benefits.

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