Premium calculator

You can easily calculate your premiums here and find out which insurance products suit your needs.

  • Individual quote based on your needs
  • Insurance package for the whole family
  • Online application form for fast, easy processing

How the premium calculator works

  • Enter the required data
  • Select prioritised benefits
  • Finalise and request a quote
  1. For us to calculate your premium, we first need information from you about your gender, date of birth and place of residence.
  2. Then select your preferred insurance model for compulsory basic insurance and indicate which other benefits are important to you.
  3. In the next step, you will be shown an overview of our insurance products. Those which meet your needs particularly well are highlighted as recommendations. This allows you to customise your insurance cover and request the quote either immediately by e-mail or within a few days by post.

    If you are happy with the quote, you can complete the application form online, answer questions about your state of health for supplementary insurance, and submit everything online.

Optimally insured for any stage of life

Basic insurance

Compulsory basic insurance provides basic medical care in the event of illness, accident and maternity. The benefits are the same from every health insurance company.

Supplementary insurance

With voluntary supplementary insurance, you can be insured in Switzerland and abroad for key benefits that basic insurance does not cover or only covers partially.

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