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One less pile of paper at home. The myHelsana client portal is an online filing system for your health insurance documents, covering you and your family. Use the portal to deal with important paperwork, any time, anywhere. Save paper, postage and valuable time – with myHelsana, you can always view any document, from your policy to your benefit statement.

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Your advantages at a glance

myHelsana allows you to deal with all health insurance admin straight away – all the information is at your fingertips on our easy-to-use portal.

Keep up to date
You can view all your benefit statements, check the current deductible and excess balances, and keep track of outstanding invoices.

Stay safe
Access to myHelsana and your data is protected by several layers of security and messages are encrypted. But it is quick and easy to log in and use the portal, which saves you valuable time.

Online or by post
You can opt to receive your documents in digital format on myHelsana or continue receiving paper copies by post. You can change your mind whenever you like, too.

Find answers fast
Where is the closest acupuncturist? Which local gyms are recognised by Helsana? myHelsana helps you search for experts in your area.

Together and yet independent
Each adult family member can choose to have a separate login for the portal, allowing everyone to manage their own health insurance.

App now available

With the myHelsana app, you can deal with your paperwork even more quickly and conveniently. In addition, using the app means that you will always have a digital insurance card to hand.

Make your life simpler. Download the myHelsana app now.