Live healthier thanks to the new Helsana Coach

The Helsana Coach app helps users to achieve their personal health goals. The new app offers exercises and information on how to improve mindfulness, movement or nutrition. Points are awarded for exercises completed in the well-known Helsana+ app.


Helsana is launching a new app called Helsana Coach. Helsana Coach is linked to the existing bonus programme Helsana+ and focuses on advice: Helsana Coach helps users to achieve their personal health goals. From effective mental training to effective physiotherapy and fitness exercises and healthy recipes – Helsana Coach follows a holistic approach. “We help our customers to lead healthy lives,” says CEO Daniel H. Schmutz. “A long and heathy life is not the result of individual measures but rather of making extensive, long-term changes to your lifestyle.”

Earn Plus points with Helsana Coach

It is necessary to link Helsana Coach with Helsana+ in order to use the app and to earn Plus points. Customers can exchange points for cash, benefit from partners’ offers or donate them for a charitable purpose. The bonus entitlement applies to those with both basic and supplementary insurance from the Helsana Group. Cash payments are limited to 75 francs for basic insurance and 350 francs for supplementary insurance respectively.

Helsana does not receive any data via its apps which allows users’ health to be monitored. The supervisory authorities were informed about the launch of Helsana Coach and that it would be linked to Helsana+.

Further information about Helsana Coach

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