Helsana’s report reveals the real burden of premiums

The Helsana’s “Premium Report” published today examines the trends of premiums in Switzerland and shows their actual burden in the various categories of insured persons. Analyses depict the cantonal differences and behaviours of premium payers. Moreover, they address the issue of solidarity and show their evolution after 20 years of the Health Insurance Act. The report highlights specific facts about premiums in order to stimulate an evidence-based debate.


The rising health costs are an ongoing theme, but the national discussion on premiums is often too limited: it invoke some unrepresentative values, such as the average premium in the standard model. With the “Premium Report” published today Helsana is examining the subject from various angles and reveals new facts. The report shows the actual burden of premiums, by groups of population and categories of insured persons, as well as the premium payers’ behaviour on the health insurance market. It also addresses the various facets of solidarity in the health system and demonstrates they have undergone a profound change. In this context, a statistical evaluation of the reduction in premiums and premiums arrears reveals the disparities between the cantons.

The solidarity contribution of the insured persons in good health is increasing

The insurance market has been subject to significant changes during the past 20 years. Analyses show that solidarity in the health system has progressed: the solidarity contribution of the insured persons in good health in favour of the insured persons who tend to have health problems has increased. Furthermore, alternative insurance models are of great interest. Nowadays, they have become the standard and the standard model has become the exception: two thirds of the insured persons choose an alternative insurance model and remain loyal to it for years. But analyses also show that the optimisation potential in the choice of the model has already been largely exhausted.

The Premium Report reflects the commitment of Helsana. Helsana wishes to contribute to the reinforcement of transparency in the health system and to launch an evidence-based debate on costs and premiums.

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