Premiums Report: premiums trends in Switzerland

The Premiums Report highlights premiums trends in Switzerland and indicates the real level of premiums for groups of insured persons. The analyses present cantonal trends and behaviours among premium payers.

The rising cost of healthcare is an ongoing issue. Local discussions about premiums, however, are often all too brief. They tend to look at amounts that are not representative, such as the average premium for the standard insurance model. Helsana sheds light on the topic in its Premiums Report, exploring different perspectives and revealing new facts.

Over the past twenty years, the insurance market has seen major changes. The following developments bring these changes to light:

  • Solidarity in the healthcare sector has increased. The solidarity contribution made by healthy premium payers to sick premium payers has increased.
  • People have been hugely responsive to alternative insurance models (AIMs). AIMs are the standard today, while standard models have become the exception: two-thirds of insured persons opt for an alternative insurance model and stay loyal to this model for years.
  • The differences between cantons in the average premium have reduced. In the longer term, cantonal premiums look set to balance out. 

This Premiums Report is an expression of Helsana’s commitment. Helsana would like to help increase transparency in the healthcare sector and to initiate a fact-based discussion about costs and premiums. 

The report is available in the national languages of German, French and Italian.

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