Helsana creates transparency about cost trends in the healthcare sector

A new report by Helsana takes a look at the development of costs in the healthcare sector and creates improved cost transparency. The analysis confirms that the main driver of cost increases apart from population growth is more intensive and a larger number of patient treatments and the expansion of the benefits catalogue.


Healthcare expenditure is consistently rising every year and is an oft-discussed topic. The report on “Expenditure trends in healthcare” published today takes a look at this topic and presents facts about total expenditure and for specific benefits areas. It confirms that demographic trends – population growth and the greying of the population – play an important role. The other main drivers of cost growth are the frequency and intensity of patient treatments and the expansion of the benefits catalogue.

The report is based on the benefits data of some 1.2 million insured of the Helsana Group for the years 2012 to 2015 as well as on statistics available to the public.

Cost transparency is not enough, results transparency is needed for improved efficiency

The healthcare sector mainly has benefits and cost data available, i.e. the same data that is offered by this expenditure report. Although such data allows conclusions about efficiency, productivity and needs-orientation in the healthcare sector, data about treatment results is urgently needed if we wish to deepen our knowledge. This is the only way in which to turn the focus of the healthcare system and formative policies to the improvement of patient benefits and treatment quality.

Read more at: www.helsana.ch/expenditure-report 

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