Expenditure Report: increasing cost transparency in the healthcare sector

The “Expenditure trends in healthcare” report highlights cost changes in the healthcare sector. In doing so, it improves transparency.

Healthcare expenditure is consistently rising every year and is an oft-discussed topic. Helsana’s “Expenditure trends in healthcare” report presents selected facts and figures about total expenditure and explores cost-driving benefit areas. The key findings:

  • As an economy, Switzerland is well equipped to cope with rising healthcare costs.
  • Expenditure is an especially hot topic owing to the varying distribution of costs.
  • Demographics – population growth and the rising proportion of older people – play an important role in rising costs.
  • Other key reasons include more frequent and more intensive treatment of patients and an expanded benefits catalogue.

The report is based on the benefits data of some 1.2 million people insured by the Helsana Group for the years 2012 to 2015 as well as on statistics available to the public.

The report is available in the national languages of German, French and Italian.

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