Helsana presents strong 2018 annual result

The Helsana Group generated a profit of CHF 54 million in 2018. An outstanding underwriting result was accompanied by an investment loss. In the basic insurance business, the portfolio grew by 66,000 customers for 2019.


The benefit costs of the Helsana Group fell for the first time between 2017 and 2018 and totalled CHF 6.195 billion in 2018 (2017: CHF 6.315 billion). This development can primarily be attributed to the fact that there was virtually no increase in acute patient costs, the Federal Council’s second Tarmed intervention for outpatient medical services, the stepping up of benefit costs management with new procedures for cost-effectiveness checks and the resumption of the price review for drugs.

Premium income increased relative to 2017, totalling CHF 6.501 billion (2017: CHF 6.390 billion).

Pleasing underwriting result

The underwriting profit in 2018 stood at CHF 175 million and was thus considerably higher than in the previous year (2017: CHF -10 million). Following the balanced result of the prior year (2017: 100.2 per cent), the combined ratio was clearly in positive territory once more at 97.3 per cent.

In the basic insurance business, there was a clear surplus. The combined ratio for 2018 stood at 97.1 per cent (2017: 99.6 per cent).

The combined ratio in the supplementary insurance business also improved, standing at 98.3 per cent (2017: 99.0 per cent): benefit costs are well covered by premium income. This is despite continuously increasing benefit costs and one-time effects as part of the launch of the new generation of hospital products.

The figures in the accident business developed very positively: the combined ratio for 2018 stood at 92.3 per cent (2017: 131.3 per cent) and was thus clearly in positive territory. The high combined ratio of the previous year could chiefly be attributed to a one-time effect: the expected reduction in the technical interest rate had already been taken into account at that time.

Volatile capital markets

The global capital markets were characterised in 2018 by a high level of volatility and hit their temporary low point during a December that saw prices deep in the red. Helsana was also unable to escape this trend. In 2018, the investment performance for Helsana was negative. The overall performance in 2018 stood at -2.64 per cent on investments of CHF 6.2 billion. An investment result of CHF -136 million was thus achieved. After many good to very good years, investments were for once unable to contribute to an improvement in the overall result.

Strong finances and well positioned for the future

All companies in the Helsana Group continue to significantly exceed the legal requirements concerning solvency. The equity base has grown further. The premium position in the basic insurance business has also improved once more. This is evidenced by the increase in customers of 66,000 in the basic insurance business for 2019. Helsana thus has an outstanding starting point for the coming premium round. In the supplementary insurance business, the customer base grew (+3.0 per cent) despite persistent cost pressure. Growth was generated in the corporate business, with profitability improving.

On the way to achieving the strategic objective to advance to the industry top 3 in terms of customer perception (according to the Net Promoter Score, NPS), the most recent measurement from December 2018 reveals that significant progress has been made. The deficit to the strategy’s targeted third place has more than halved. Further improvements in the area of customer service and in the premium situation made a key contribution here. Our Helsana+ (“Helsana Plus”) bonus programme, which already has more than 80,000 users, provided further support.

Key figures (in CHF million)



Verdiente Prämien



Insurance benefits



Underwriting result



Combined ratio (Helsana Group)

97,3 %

100,2 %

  • KVG business

97,1 %

99,6 %

  • VVG business

98,3 %

99,0 %

  • UVG business

92,3 %

131,3 %







Helsana Group 2018 Annual Report

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