Silver for Helsana guide at the Best of Content Marketing

On 14 June 2018, Europe-wide awards were handed out in Vienna for the best papers on content marketing. Helsana won silver for its health guide entitled “Calories” in the category of Customer Magazines in the Fields of Insurance and Finance.


The Best of Content Marketing Award, or BCM-Award, for short, is the biggest competition for content-driven corporate communications in Europe. This year saw 781 entries, a record number in the 16-year history of the award for companies in German-speaking countries.

At the award ceremony held in Vienna on 14 June, Helsana won silver for its “Calories” guide in the category of Magazines for Private Customers. The pocket-sized 64-page guide is a publication recently launched by Helsana and is sent to all customers twice a year on a certain health topic. With its guide, Helsana makes relevant health-related knowledge accessible to the target audience in a simple and especially clear way. The specific tips and examples encourage readers to try it for themselves.

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